About XiPing Wu

XiPing Wu, as thousands of patients refer to as “XiPing Wu” or “the Healer”, brings a great combination between modern medical sciences and ancient medicine. Every smile, hug and encouraging word from her in addition to her sincerely caring and loving nature give those in need tremendous healing power!

Here’s a brief introduction for XiPing Wu’s background:

  • M.D. from Peking University, Clinical Medicine
  • M.S. from Boston University,Medical Human Physiology
    Post Doctor Research Associate, University of Arizona, Cancer Center
  • PhD Oriental Medicine


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  • M.M.Briehl,F.A.Flomerfelt,X.P.Wu, and R.Miesfeld, "Transcriptional Analyses of Steroid Regulated Gene Networks," Molecular Endocrinology, 4, pp287-294,1990.
  • S.E.Rundlett,X.P.Wu, and R.Miesfeld, "Functional Characterization of Cloned Androgen Receptor," Molecular Endocrinology, April, 1990.

Awards and Grants:

  • American Cancer Society Grant 1989
  • Arizona Cancer Center Seed Grant from University of Arizona
  • National Institute of Health Grant
  • Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Advisory Board 2009
  • Vice-President of World Anti-Aging Doctors Inc.